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I'm fairly new to TDD and Rspec. I'm trying to figure out how to make sure a method is being called in test:

module Authentication
  include WebRequest

  def refresh_auth_token(refresh_token)
    "refreshing token"

class YouTube
  include Authentication
  attr_accessor :uid, :token, :refresh

  def initialize(uid, token, refresh)
    @uid = uid
    @token = token
    @refresh = refresh

    # if token has expired, get new token
    if @token == nil and @refresh
      @token = refresh_auth_token @refresh


And here is my test:

$f = YAML.load_file("fixtures.yaml")

describe YouTube do
  data = $f["YouTube"]
  subject { YouTube.new(data["uid"], data["token"], data["refresh"]) }
  its(:token) { should == data["token"] }

  context "when token is nil" do
    subject(:without_token) { YouTube.new(data["uid"], nil, data["refresh"]) }
    its(:token) { should_not be_nil }
    it { YouTube.should_receive(:refresh_auth_token).with(data["refresh"]) }


But its failing with:

) YouTube when token is nil Failure/Error: it { YouTube.should_receive(:refresh_auth_token).with(data["refresh"]) } ().refresh_auth_token("1/HBTNQ93otm1cSQH8kKauij3jO0kZQYfgH5J-hBtAP8k") expected: 1 time with arguments: ("1/HBTNQ93otm1cSQH8kKauij3jO0kZQYfgH5J-hBtAP8k") received: 0 times with arguments: ("1/HBTNQ93otm1cSQH8kKauij3jO0kZQYfgH5J-hBtAP8k") # ./lib/youtube/you_tube_test.rb:14:in `block (3 levels) in '

What I'm trying to do in this test, is to determine, when @token is nil, and there is a @refresh supplied, if refresh_auth_token is called on initialize. This mocks and stubs thing is a bit confusing.

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Firstly, you want to use any_instance:


Currently, you are checking if the class method refresh_auth_token is being called. It isn't, as it doesn't exist.

Next, as the code is executed in the constructor, that line won't catch the call, as the object is already created in the subject line before the spec.

This is the easiest solution:

  context "when token is nil" do
    it "refreshed the authentation token" do
        YouTube.new(data["uid"], nil, data["refresh"]) 
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Thanks, any_instance did the trick. I thought about calling YouTube.new again after should_receive, but it didn't work than. Now it does. –  Jan Netherdrake Sep 8 '13 at 0:47

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