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I want to stream my webcam and embed the stream into my website. The webcam video must be visible on the website in real time in all available browsers - IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. I have searched on the internet for open source software for streaming/braodcasting.

For proof of concept I have tried Http Live Streaming using VLC. I was able to display the HLS stream in Safari in iPhone but not in Chrome or Firefox or IE on a windows 7 desktop.

Is it possible to stream live to a website? Can I display the HLS stream in Firefox or IE or Chrome?

Appreciate any help/pointers.

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Heres a good answer with Links provided :-) stackoverflow.com/questions/16636735/streaming-live-webcams –  ZenMode Sep 25 '13 at 7:29

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Yes, you can stream a webcam to a website via multiple ways.

  1. use Windows media Server/ Flash media Server. Push your webcam to the server by Windows Media Encoder or flash media encoder, and use the server live link to link with your website via any suitable player (like jwplayer).

  2. Use Windows Media Encoder to stream your webcam to anyone without a server involved. when your encoder starts, you will get a URL to view your stream, which you can use to publish in your site.

  3. use third party streaming services, where they give you a publishing point to publish your webcam stream, and use the link provided by them to show it on your website. (check with brighcove or Mogulus by LiveStream

Hope this helps.

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HLS is available in desktop browsers via limited number technologies. Those are JWPlayer with proper feature set enabled and OSMF player with HLS plugin

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Check this out http://www.scriptcam.com/index.cfm jquery&html5 plugin, it has many functions.

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