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I'm new to Haskell.

I want to keep delimiter like keepDelimsR in using regex.

My Data file like this:

201306000300001AH0211123611234...(so many digit)...\n201306000300001B1F...(so many digit)...\n201306000300002AH021123611234...(so many digit)...\n201306000300002B1F...(so many digit)... repeat format: "so many digit" part is varying each size and different content.

splitRegex (mkRegex "2013[0-9]{11}AH021") myData

It works. But matched pattern is disappeared in result.

How can I keep matched string in result?

I tried several days, but still can't help this...

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"how do I keep delimiter" isn't proper english, and for a reason.

The only reason I say that is because you could say "how do I keep the delimiter", which is contradictory to a pattern since there could be multiple kinds, no?

Or you could say "how do I keep the delimiter(s)", which becomes more complicated and sorta answers your own question.

First capture a collection of the matches by looping through the match objects, then do the replace.

In short, there is no way to pull the match result out from a split function, so it has to be two seperate operations.

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Thank you a lot. I find different way. –  shaegis Sep 8 '13 at 2:49

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