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I am having issues with my Rails App on Heroku. code-dojo.herokuapp.com

After every push to heroku any images I uploaded with Carrierwave Gem return a 404 error message.

Do I need to precompile this folder or point to it ?

Does Heroku replace this folder with a blank one?

Should I create my app with all the images on locathost and then push the database?

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Heroku is Read-only Filesystem

The following types of behaviors are not supported: Caching pages in the public directory Saving uploaded assets to local disk (e.g. with attachment_fu or paperclip) Writing full-text indexes with Ferret Writing to a filesystem database like SQLite or GDBM Accessing a git repo for an app like git-wiki

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You need to use an external storage solution. You can accomplish this for example by using the gem carrierwave-aws instead of the gem carrierwave, with which you can configure an Amazon S3 bucket to store your images on...

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