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I am learning Xen, I want to add some my own codes, then make and make install, but when I execute some commands, I can't see any changes. e.g. I add some lines in tools/python/xen/xm/

def main(argv):
    opts = gopts
    args = opts.parse(argv)

    if len(args) != 2:
       raise OptionError('Invalid number of arguments')

    """start of my code"""
    fp = open("/m.log",'w')
    """end of my code"""

As above, I create a file, and then write something, but after I make && make install, when I execute it, I can't find the file. I logged in root, so I am sure I have approprite priviledge. p.s. my Xen version is 4.1.2 Thank you...

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Did everything work before your adjustments because there's a known error with python: (look in section "Python Prefix and Module Layout", make install PYTHON_PREFIX_ARG= did it for me)

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