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Is it possible to render a partial and the model's data retrieved with just one ajax request?

# app/models/store.rb
def index
  user    = current_user;
  @stores = Store.where(:user_id => user.id)

  render :partial => "stores", :layout => false 

# app/views/stores/_stores.html.erb
<div class="stores">
  <select id="stores" class="dropdown">
    <% @stores.each do |store| %>
      <option value="<%= store.id %>"><%= store.name %></option>
    <% end %>

# app/views/users/index.html.erb
  type : "GET",
  url  : "/stores",

  success: function(data) {
    $("div").html(data); //rendering partial
    // how to get @stores variable??

Imagining that @stores has 3 items from user with id = 1, how can I access this data on ajax success callback?

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I've solved using:

render :json => { :data => @stores, :stores => render_to_string(:partial => "stores") }

For now, I've @stores data and stores partial :)

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