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I'm following this tutorial to scaffold an application with generators (webapp and angular). I can install all dependencies and generators but when I run the commands yo webapp or yo angular I don't get any output feedback and when I run ls nothing was generated. When I diplay the npm installed packages with npm -g list I can see yo, bower and grunt packages are installed.

I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 64 bits and npm, yo, bower and grunt are installed in the usr/lib/node_module directory. I've checked some posts and questions about possible installation/directory problems but I can really get what's the real problem. Did I miss something during the instalation?

UPDATE I tried installing all in Windows 7 and it works. So I think there are installation problems on Ubuntu, but I can't still figure out how to fix that.

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You installed node, the Amateur Packet Radio Node program, instead of nodejs.

Run apt-get remove node && apt-get install nodejs and everything will be fine.

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