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I am trying to create a directory and then write to it via an asmx web service. It works fine on my dev pc, but when I publish the service to the server, I keep getting access denied errors. I have gone in to IIS and made sure the service has write privileges. I also gave write access to all users, but am still getting the same error. Any suggestions?

Additional info Well, I solved the problem. When I called


it worked fine on my development box but blew up on the server. I needed to use

which worked fine on both.

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What sort of exception are you getting? –  James Dec 8 '09 at 16:20
What is the server environment? 2003? 2008? Apache+mod_mono? –  Goyuix Dec 8 '09 at 16:23

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My first suggestion is to make sure the IIS user account has access to the directory.

Next I would say double check your code. Are you trying to write to a directory that isn't there? Did you forget to change a config setting.

99% when I have had the same issues, it is usually a permissions issue.

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Sounds like a permissions error –  monksy Dec 8 '09 at 16:22

If you're getting an access denied error, then it's an access denied error, period. It doesn't matter that it's happening from a web service. Diagnose it as you would diagnose any other access denied error.

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you need to give "Network Service" write permission for that directory. Please check which OS you are useing also. It may need a different account.

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For anyone searching. The following code did the trick:


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