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I just wrote a program for the Tower of hanoi problem in C using recursion. But what stresses is how to manage the complexity of such a problem when the total no. of disks are like 4,5 and whats the logic in the two TOH() recursive calls in the method itself. The program is as follows

void TOH(int n,char x,char y,char z);

void main() {
 int n;
 printf("\nEnter number of plates:");

void TOH(int n,char x,char y,char z) {
  TOH(n-1,x,z,y); // Recursive call 1 
  printf("\n%c -> %c",x,y);
  TOH(n-1,z,y,x); // Recursive call 2
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Although your program works fine. May be this is what you are looking for:-

FUNCTION MoveTower(disk, source, dest, spare):
IF disk == 0, THEN:
    move disk from source to dest
    MoveTower(disk - 1, source, spare, dest)   // Step 1 above
    move disk from source to dest              // Step 2 above
    MoveTower(disk - 1, spare, dest, source)   // Step 3 above

enter image description here

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(If disk == 0) ?? –  kkaosninja Sep 8 '13 at 6:06
@KrishnaKishoreShetty:- That means the smallest disk –  Rahul Tripathi Sep 8 '13 at 6:09
Oh OK. Although it is a little confusing. I've always been of the opinion we must not use 0-indexing when we write pseudo-code. But my opinions are my own. –  kkaosninja Sep 8 '13 at 6:13
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