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I am working on a PHP Inventory application. But I stuck in database design. The logic is 1>Catagories 2>1 catagory contains many products 3>One Product have many sizes of bottles like 300 ml, 500ml, 1 litre and each size have its own price 4>product will be stored or moved to 2 or 3 locations. Like godown, counter etc. The problem is if I enter 6 units of a product from godown to counter how can I represent that through the database tables.. I have designed the db but I can't the logic how to transfer or move a stock. here is the design![enter image description here][1]

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Did you mean to put a link to your image? –  Dmitri Zaitsev Sep 17 '13 at 17:27

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I can't highly enough recommend this video by Uncle Bob:

Robert C Martin(Uncle Bob) -Clean Architecture and Design - Video

Among other great things you can learn from it, specifically for your question, the takeout is that your database design should be deferred as much as possible. You are better of seeing your DB as some sort of abstract interface and start with your business logic. That will polish your understanding of what you really need from the database, what sort of API can be useful for your logic to communicate with it. It looks like you are getting stuck precisely because you try to nail down your DB structure before developing your business logic.

To give you more concrete idea for your question, you probably need a table PRODUCTS, where you have product_id, name, etc. Now you seem to have one-to-many relation to PROD_SIZES, which can be another table with prod_size_id or whatever as primary key, product_id as foreign key and size, price as regular fields. However, you could instead compress your size-price pairs as JSON and place it inside another field of your PRODUCT table. That will really depends on your business logic.

If you store the same item in several locations, you probably need another table LOCATIONS with all info you need about each location. Then you have many-to-many relation between prod_size_id and location_id, which is a separate hash table having id, prod_size_id, location_id, and nr_of_units. Now to move some units from one location to another, you only mess the last table by changing the last column.

Hope it helps.

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