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I have been looking at the decorator design pattern (I am new to the subject of design patterns), and I was wondering,

  1. Can a decorator interact with more than one component?
  2. If A is a decorator of component B, can A have operations that B does not have?

Thank you.

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1.) Yes
2.) Yes, that is the main point of a decorator pattern. To add functionality to the object it is decorating.

Decorator Pattern

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Decorator simply adds functionality to the class it decorates. Sorta like icing on the cake. You may decorate more than one component but that sounds more like Facede though I may be wrong. The second question - the wrapper adds functionality but it also can mask it

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I agree, adding functionality doesn't necessarily mean adding new operations. –  Federico A. Ramponi Dec 8 '09 at 16:51
  1. Yes
  2. What else would the decoration be?
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Totally agree with RC. Here is a non-wikipedia link. And this one if you like Python.

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