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I have an "included" template with several parameters. The contents of the parameters get a bit muddled if I cram them all into a single line, so I would prefer something like this:

{% include product_details 
    weight= "5.8lbs (2.6 kg)"
    width=  "22" (56cm)"
    length= "49" (125cm)"
    thickness= "1¼" (3cm)"
    case= "MT51413" 

However, this gives me the following error when generating the site:

error: Tag '{%' was not properly terminated with regexp: /\%}/.

Is there any way to spread a Liquid include over several lines?

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Sorry you can't, the liquid parser expects the whole statement in one line, this is true for all statements not only for include, try to split an if statement and you receive the same error

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