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I am trying to implement publisher - subscribe in my project of asp.net (wcf) web services. When i am trying to create bus in global.asax

 protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Bus = NServiceBus.Configure.WithWeb()
        catch (Exception ex)
  public static IBus Bus { get; private set; }

but it is not creating bus.. then it is throwing exception

    Exception reached top level.
System.Messaging.MessageQueueException: Access to Message Queuing system is denied.
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.MQCacheableInfo.get_ReadHandle()
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.StaleSafeReceiveMessage(UInt32 timeout, Int32 action, MQPROPS properties, NativeOverlapped* overlapped, ReceiveCallback receiveCallback, CursorHandle cursorHandle, IntPtr transaction)
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.ReceiveCurrent(TimeSpan timeout, Int32 action, CursorHandle cursor, MessagePropertyFilter filter, MessageQueueTransaction internalTransaction, MessageQueueTransactionType transactionType)
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.Peek(TimeSpan timeout)
   at NServiceBus.Unicast.Transport.Msmq.MsmqTransport.Receive()
   at NServiceBus.Utils.WorkerThread.Loop()

How Can I Avoid this?.... .... I am struck in the middle...


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This is most likely a security issue, make sure to give everyone full rights to the queues involved

hope this helps!

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