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I have a Play 2.0 application with 3 different configurations (application.conf, test.conf and prod.conf)

Now I have a robots.txt file that should be delivered for only test.conf and for the rest environments it should give a 404 if someone tries to access it.

How can I configure my routes file to check if my application is using test.conf? Can I set some variable in test.conf that I can check in the routes file?

Something like this? (pseudo code)

#{if environment = "test"}
GET     /robots.txt                 controllers.Assets.at(path="/public", file="robots.txt")
GET     /robots.txt                 controllers.Application.notFoundResult()
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You can't add logic in the routes file.

I'd write a controller to serve the robots.txt file. Something like this:

In the routes file:

GET /robots.txt   controllers.Application.robots

Then, in the controller, I'll test if I'm in a testing environment :

def robots = Action {
    if (environment == "test") { // customize with your method
    } else {

I'm using Scala, but it can be easily translated to Java.

Edit - java sample

You can check if application is in one of three states: prod, dev or test, ie, simple method returning current state:

private static String getCurrentMode() {
    if (play.Play.isTest()) return "test";
    if (play.Play.isDev()) return "dev";
    if (play.Play.isProd()) return "prod";
    return "unknown";

you can use as:

play.Logger.debug("Current mode: "+ getCurrentMode()); 

of course in your case that's enough to use these condition directly:

public static Result robots() {
    return (play.Play.isProd())
            ? notFound()
            : ok("User-agent: *\nDisallow: /");
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What is Play.current.mode and how do I set it to "Test"? Or any other arbitrary value (like "Staging")? –  Peter Warbo Sep 8 '13 at 11:51
I edited my answer. Play.current.mode is used to check if Play is started in Dev, Prod or Test mode (ie, play run, play start or play test). –  nico_ekito Sep 8 '13 at 11:57
Where can I read more about these modes? And when and how to use them? For instance mode test seems to run the JUnit tests (but doesn't actually run the Play server) So I can't define an action that checks for test... –  Peter Warbo Sep 8 '13 at 12:26
These are built in modes. I don't think they fit your need. Forget about these, and create your own method which checks the environment you are in, as explained in my edited answer. –  nico_ekito Sep 8 '13 at 12:35
@biesior thanks for your addition, though your suggestion is not helping me because isTest() is only true when running unit tests. I solved it by creating my own property in the conf file like test.conf has a property named env=test and prod.conf has env=prod so I can check this property at runtime... –  Peter Warbo Sep 8 '13 at 15:49

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