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I am confused in these problems please give correct ans. and if you have any reference it will be very useful.

Q 1. By polymorphism of a subsystem we mean
(1) it should be reusable
(2) it should be polymorphic data types
(3) it should accept generic commands and interpret appropriately 
(4) it should morph polygons

Q 2. An exception thrown from outside try block will be 
(1) call function return 
(2) be ignored
(3) hang the program
(4) call function terminate

Q 3. When the ERASE command is used
(1) the file content is erased
(2) the file name is deleted from the directories on the disk
(3) both (1) and (2) 
(4) none of these

Q 4 Which is the lowest layer of TCP/IP model?
(1) Host to Host layer
(2) Network Access Layers
(3) Internet Layer
(4) Application Layer

Asked in a written exam. please help me.

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