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I am trying to run Android tests with Ant. I stumbled on the same problems as described in Can't build and run an android test project created using "ant create test-project" when tested project has jars in libs directory. The solution provided there by emmby, works for me only partially, since I get an error message:

Target "-resource-src" does not exist in the project "MyAppTest". It is used from target "compile"..

To this issue, I found few further stackoverflow sites, for example: Target "-resource-src" does not exist in the project "HelloWorldTest". It is used from target "compile"

There, Kais suggests "try to override one of the tasks and have it set the ${build.target} when it is not set.".

1) How would one do what Kais suggests?

2) Is there any better/more up to date solution for running Android JUnit tests with external dependencies than emmby's solution?

I am glad to post more logs/traces/code/further information, when necessary.

I am using SDK version 11. Thank you for your help!

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I managed to solve the problem by starting all over: reverted the build.xml to default as it was generated. I also transferred all external jar libraries to /libs library and thereafter I can build the tests.

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