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Suppose I have a set of records with a user_id column on one table, and a users table, and both tables have an email column. How do I perform an UPDATE on the first table to set mytable.user_id = users.id where the email addresses match?


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This is an update with a join. The syntax varies between databases. The MySQL syntax is:

update SetOfRecords sor join
       users u
       on sor.user_id = users.id
    set sor.email = u.email;

Postgres syntax is different, because it uses a from clause that comes after the set. The ANSI standard syntax should work in both databases:

update SetOfRecords
    set email = (select max(email) from users u where SetOfRecords.user_id = u.id);
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That makes sense, does it work if I want to set the user_id field instead of the email field, the value for which I already have in the record? –  Avishai Sep 8 '13 at 15:32
For Postgres, what worked for me was UPDATE mytable SET user_id = users.id FROM users WHERE mytable.email = users.email –  Avishai Sep 9 '13 at 1:12

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