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I am using Jquery Mobile to start with IBM worklight project. I have created a Login Page. Whenever user click on the submit button I need the function too run to check for the username and password in the Database.

Database -> I am using MY SQl database. Using the command client I have added the tables, username Password and values. I need to check this table whenever user clicks on the submit button. IBM worklight tutorial says I need to add the JDBC jar file to server/lib. I have copy pasted the downloaded file on the same folder.

I don`t know whether I need to make my own Custom login Module or default thing is available.

There Isn`t a clear examples available in the IBM website for the Authentication. Please help me with this.

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I would suggest reading the following:

  • Authentication concepts
  • Adapter-based authentication + Exercise and code sample
  • Adapter framework overview
  • SQL adapter – Communicating with SQL database + Exercise and code sample

from the Getting Started page. Also take a look at InfoCenter if you need more documentation.

From the adapter-based auth code sample, you can start by replacing:

if(username == "worklight" && password == "worklight") with a call to your backend (see sql adapter code sample) that checks if the username and password are valid.

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Thanks so much for the response! I`m reading all these pdfs now. –  Ash Sep 12 '13 at 11:18
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