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I am using HBase as my storage for crawled data by Apache Nutch. A location of my storage is in path /data/hbase/webpage and there I can see a lot of folders like:


and more...

These folders contains another folders like:

f  h  il  mk  mtdt  ol  p  recovered.edits  s

But it is not so important.

I am writing my own indexer for Nutch to get crawled data from HBase to Solr. I need to put it to Solr in batches because when I run it all, I get OutOfMemory exception.

I would like to ask you if it is possible to get batch ids from my HBase storage (to know which batch ids I have and then I can send it to index).

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I don't know how are you trying to implement your solution: if as a Nutch plugin, a Hadoop MapReduce or a single process script, but I guess this information will be helpful:

When developing a plugin, much probably you will see a WebPage parameter in the interface of the plugin.

If you want to access batchId in a raw way in HBase, just read the column f:bid and consider it the raw text. If I am not wrong, Gora is not writing additional information on strings (unlike when serialized).

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Thank you for your response. When I arrive home from work, I will try it. – Johnny Greenwood Sep 9 '13 at 12:56

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