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I am running MAC Phonegap 3.0 CLI to make my android webapp.
Got Android target 18 installed.

$ phonegap local build android  

And so I got error :

[error] Please install Android target 17 (the Android 4.2 SDK). Make sure you have the latest Android tools installed as well. Run `android` from your command-line to install/update any missing SDKs or tools.

Is there a param to tell Phonegap to use target 18 ?
Or is it too soon for Phonegap 3.0 ?

Here is my Android SDK Manager: enter image description here

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I am including my AndroidManifest.xml file. Look at the pink circle I put. This you have to change. enter image description here

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But the android XML doesn't get created until you can successfully add Android to the project... –  IcedDante Oct 14 '13 at 0:49
How can I add the AndroidManifest.xml if I cannot add Android to my project? –  Flea777 Oct 25 '13 at 22:21

You can create a to tells "phonegap" which version of android you would like to use as follow:


You can find out more here:

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You are in the wrong place

TRY THIS: phonegap local build android

this will add the android to your platforms folder

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I think PhoneGap, when using build, uses by default the latest API version (target) installed. If you already used the command with a previous API and you want to use the newly installed, run:

phonegap platform update android
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You have to look in file AndroidManifest.xml. You have android:minSdkVersion and android:targetSdkVersion. Specify the min. Version your app will run and targeted one. In your case 18. Hope you understand it if not contact me.

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