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I created a new Orchard 1.7 site with only the Feature Item Slider module installed. I can create a new feature, however I do not get the picture field and none of the feature are displayed.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Try this.. Install "Media Picker" module by The Orchard Team from gallery then enable it It works fine with my Orchard 1.7.2

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The Media Picker and it's dependant Media feature have both been deprecated as far as I'm aware –  paynecrl97 Jan 24 at 11:04
Are they both replaced by Media Library? –  Ytrog Feb 28 at 9:47
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I haven't used FeaturedItemSlider module in 1.7 but I do know it uses the media picker field and this is no longer used in 1.7. I would guess this is the problem. So either try using 1.6 or have a look at other alternatives to the Featured Item Slider module.

eg. http://www.breakoutdeveloper.com/orchard/content-item-slider

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I had the exact same issue, I just fixed it today. Quick steps for the dirty fix below:

  1. Add reference to Orchard.MediaLibrary for FeaturedItemSlider (remember to also add the dependency in Module.txt)
  2. Go into and update FeaturedItemSliderWidgetPartDriver.cs
  3. Add reference through using Orchard.MediaLibrary.Fields;
  4. Add this function (may be offloaded onto a Service Class but I'm in a hurry so just added to the driver, sorry):

        //new function for 1.7
        protected string getImagePath(FeaturedItemPart part) {
            if (((MediaLibraryPickerField)part.Fields.Single(f => f.Name == "Picture")).MediaParts.Any())
                return ((MediaLibraryPickerField)part.Fields.Single(f => f.Name == "Picture")).MediaParts.FirstOrDefault().MediaUrl;
            return string.Empty;
  5. Updated featuredItems variable in the Display function:

            var featuredItems = _contentManager.Query<FeaturedItemPart, FeaturedItemPartRecord>("FeaturedItem")
                .Where(fip => fip.GroupName == part.GroupName)
                .OrderBy(fi => fi.SlideOrder)
                .Select(fi => new FeaturedItemViewModel
                    Headline = fi.Headline,
                    SubHeadline = fi.SubHeadline,
                    LinkUrl = fi.LinkUrl,
                    SeparateLink = fi.SeparateLink,
                    LinkText = fi.LinkText,
                    //updated due to 1.7.2 upgrade, MediaPicker -> MediaLibraryPicker
                    ImagePath = getImagePath(fi),
                    SlideNumber = ++slideNumber

That should do it. To explain, MediaPicker was replaced with MediaLibraryPicker and now Media are treated as Content Items, so properties have changed. Details of media are now in a MediaPart within the Media Content Item.

Hope this helps.

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I upgraded a site from Orchard 1.6 to 1.7.2, and had some success by taking the following steps:

Because I had migrated from 1.6, I already had Media Picker and Media features enabled. I then also enabled then three new media features- Media Library, Media Library Search and Media Processing. I also enabled the Upgrade feature

I then clicked Upgrade to 1.7 on the admin menu and migrated my media files.

After that finished, I migrated the media picker fields. This moves all of your old Media Picker fields to the newer Media Library Picker fields.

When that is complete, you can disable the features Media Picker and Media

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Sunkist on GitHub created a patched version of the Featured Item Slider which seems to be working perfectly fine: https://github.com/sunkist/FeaturedItemSlider.

I don't know if it will be maintained but it works ok now.

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