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I am seeking some help in trying to find the value for the maximum first derivative across all the rows in a data.matrix when using the pspline package. My data and the commands I have used look like this:

## The x-axis values


The y-axis values are contained in a matrix where each row corresponds to the y-value per sample.

     V1        V2        V3
1 0.2318345 0.2329633 0.2432734
2 0.1808581 0.1844433 0.1960315
3 0.1722618 0.1615062 0.1766804
4 0.1743336 0.1669799 0.1818896
5 0.1772355 0.1735916 0.1800227

(THERE ARE 7 COLUMNS BUT ONLY THE FIRST 3 ARE SHOWN FOR CLARITY). I have tried to create a function to get the desired value, and then use apply() to get the corresponding values per row.

y=read.table("y.txt", header=T, sep="\t")


+ {
+ y.mtx=as.matrix(y)
+ max( diff (abs( predict(sm.spline(x,y.mtx))$ysmth)))
+ }

bcol[]<-apply(y.matrix, 1, derivative)

However I get the following error:

Error in tapply(seq(along = y), match(x, ux), function(x, y, w) c(mean(y[x]),  : 
arguments must have same length

If I run

max( diff (abs( predict(sm.spline(x,y.mtx))$ysmth)/5))

... Everything works fine. Am I approaching this the wrong way? Any comments/suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

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