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I have a dart polymer project being served up by an ASP.NET MVC site. The application page is actually a cshtml file that is in a different directory than the rest of the dart files. Besides this, everything is laid out in an idiomatic fashion. When running in Dartium, everything works great. When I run as javascript, I get the message boot.js only works in Dartium. Run the build.dart tool to compile a depolyable JavaScript version.

This scenario seems like it will be difficult to accommodate. Any ideas how I can get the application working as javascript while keeping it as a cshtml file served up by ASP.NET MVC?

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This is a known issue. Try using this version of build.dart:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:polymer/component_build.dart';
import 'package:polymer/deploy.dart' as deploy;

void main() {
  build(new Options().arguments, ['web/index.html']).then((_) => deploy.main());

You might get a message about a missing index.html_bootstrap.dart.js file. Dart engineers are working on making all of this work more smoothly and you should soon be able to run the deploy script through the editor.

Meanwhile, there is a discussion of this very issue on the web-ui mailing list if anyone's interested:


I'll update this answer when a better alternative to the current solution is implemented.

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Thanks Shailen. There is still an issue with running the build/deploy steps with a CSHTML file. It predictably fails when it encounters Razor syntax. I imagine this would be pretty difficult to accommodate. For now, I've just made it a static HTML page. –  w.brian Sep 10 '13 at 15:39

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