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Use rails 4 + compass-rails 2.0.alpha.0 on vagrant ubuntu guest box with windows 8 host.

after making @import 'ico/*.png'; have an error:

Protocol error - /vagrant/tmp/cache/assets/development/sass/33b03b948d3279e6e66ff345db8da54afe7f01c3/*.pngc

How can I fix this?

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I'm having this same issue and have tried a few different fixes, currently there's an open issue on the Compass Github for it.

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This is a compatibility issue between VirtualBox and Sass.

1) Setup a directory outside of the shared folder, for example (if your user is railsuser)

mkdir /mnt/tmp
chown railsuser:railsuser /mnt/tmp 

2) On application.rb

# tmp dir for cache must be setup outside virtualbox shared folder for sass cached sprites to work
config.assets.configure do |env|
  env.cache ='/mnt/tmp')

For details see the issue discussion on Github.

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