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I have an <input type="text"> element. The user types a string and hits enter which clears the element via $('input').val(''). The problem apparently is that iOS still has the previous input string in its autocorrect buffer, so when you begin to type a new word and hit space, it sees the last word from the previous string and the first word from the new string as one 'word' and attempts to autocorrect it. Example:

message1: hello there

message2: well hi neighbor

iOS sees: therewell on messages2 and autocorrects to wellthere well

another example:

message1: hello moto

message2: boat

autocorrects to boatmotorboat where motorboat is the autocorrected version of motoboat (combination of moto from the first message and boat from the second.

I realize this may just be a bug in mobile safari and I should just disable autocorrect on the input but perhaps there is a better solution?

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