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I have a JSP which has two labels, four check boxes, and four text fields. Since this is a set of data and can be dynamic, these fields are stored in a value object and stored in a list, and this list is passed to the action class.

The issue is that when the form is submitted I am not able to get the updated list of values through the form into Struts. I am using Struts 1.2.9

Code snippet of JSP below:

<logic:iterate name="monthlyGainLossForm" property="ptcList" id="ptc"> 
  <html:text name="ptc" property="ptcName" /> 
  <html:hidden name ="ptc" property="ptcName"/> 
  <html:text name="ptc" property="ptcActive" />
<html:hidden name ="ptc" property="ptcActive"/> 
  <html:checkbox name="ptc" disabled="false" property="msaPtcLtcGLType" styleClass="input"/> 
  <html:hidden name ="ptc" property="msaPtcLtcGLType"/>
  <html:text name="ptc" readonly="true" property="msaPtcLtcGLAmt" styleClass="input"/> 
  <html:hidden name ="ptc" property="msaPtcLtcGLType"/>
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I noticed, while formatting your code, that it appears that you have one of the </mf:td> closing tags placed incorrectly; shouldn't it be after <html:hidden name ="ptc" property="ptcActive"/>, not before it? I don't know if this is the problem, but at least it's a problem... –  Adi Inbar Sep 9 '13 at 0:40
You either not submitted it or it's just won't compile. What did you try? Do you have a specific question? For better help sooner, post the SSCCE. –  Roman C Sep 9 '13 at 8:09

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You should not use both input types for the same field at the same time: html:text and html:hidden. Remove one of them which you don't need.

So it should be like:

  <html:text name="ptc" property="ptcName" /> 

and same for rest fields.

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The code snippet was not the full one. But the issue was values not getting passed to action. I fixed it by putting the below line of code in JSP. This way I will get values through form in action.

        <logic:iterate name="monthlyGainLossForm" property="ptcList" id="productTaxCat">
        <html:hidden name="productTaxCat" property="ptcId" indexed="true" />
        <html:hidden name="productTaxCat" property="ptcName" indexed="true" />
        <html:hidden name="productTaxCat" property="ptcActive" indexed="true" />
            <mf:td><bean:write name="productTaxCat" property="ptcName"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><bean:write name="productTaxCat" property="ptcActive"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:checkbox name="productTaxCat" property="msaPtcLtcGLType" styleClass="input" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:text name="productTaxCat" property="msaPtcLtcGLAmt" styleClass="label" style="width:100px;vertical-align:middle;" disabled="true" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:checkbox name="productTaxCat" property="msaMthlyStcGLType" styleClass="input" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:text name="productTaxCat" property="msaMthlyStcGLAmt" disabled="true" styleClass="label" style="width:100px;vertical-align:middle;" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:checkbox name="productTaxCat" property="nonMsaPtcGLType" styleClass="input" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:text name="productTaxCat" property="nonMsaPtcGLAmt" disabled="true" styleClass="label" style="width:100px;vertical-align:middle;" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:checkbox name="productTaxCat" property="nonMsaStcGLType" styleClass="input" indexed="true"/></mf:td>
            <mf:td><html:text name="productTaxCat" property="nonMsaStcGLAmt" disabled="true" styleClass="label" style="width:100px;vertical-align:middle;" indexed="true"/></mf:td>

Thanks for all the helpful comments.

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