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Attempting to split a string into separated letters

String string1 ="KKXGJRNQGA";
List<String> solutionArray = Arrays.asList(string1.split(""));

will return [, K, K, X, G, J, R, N, Q, G, A] before each alphabet a space and at [0] is an empty element.
But actually i want is [K,K,X,G,J,R,N,Q,G,A], is there a way to solve it? can using regex match?

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How about

char[] letters = string1.toCharArray();
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... and you can change that to a List or to Strings later (or ideally use as is). –  Thilo Sep 9 '13 at 0:31

Using string1.split("") will return an empty first value.

Use toCharArray() which converts the string to a new character array.


or a simple regular expression

String s = "KKXGJRNQGA";
String[] p = s.split("(?!^)");


[K, K, X, G, J, R, N, Q, G, A]
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I don't understood how this regex works "(?!^)" what is it mean? how is it works ? please explain thanks –  Melih Altıntaş Sep 16 '13 at 10:22

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