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I am using Ci merchant in my codeigniter , but i got this error , can u please mention what should i do ?

public function mypaypal() { echo "mypaypal"; }

public function cancel() { echo "cancelled"; }

public function index() {

    $settings = array(
                  'username' => '******',
                  'password' => '******',
                  'signature' => '********',
                  'test_mode' => true


    $params = array(
      'amount' => 1.00,
      'currency' => 'USD',
      'return_url' => base_url().'mypaypal',
      'cancel_url' => base_url().'cancel');

    $response = $this->merchant->purchase($params);

    if ($response->success())             {

          var_dump($response);            }           else            {
          $message = $response->message();
          echo('Error processing payment: ');
          exit;           }


and i got this error :

object(Merchant_response)#17 (8) { ["_status":protected]=> string(6) "failed" ["_message":protected]=> string(51) "Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)" ["_reference":protected]=> NULL ["_data":protected]=> NULL ["_redirect_url":protected]=> NULL ["_redirect_method":protected]=> string(3) "GET" ["_redirect_message":protected]=> NULL ["_redirect_data":protected]=> NULL }

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Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

Your server doesn't have a root SSL certificate set up correctly (it uses this to verify that outgoing connections are connecting to the right server).

I recommend using Omnipay (the successor to CI-Merchant), as this uses Guzzle for HTTP connections, which comes bundled with the latest root SSL certificate so you don't need to worry about your server having them installed.

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