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is it possible to somehow convert csv data that has iso-8859-13 encoding to utf-8?

Old system, does not have utf-8 encoding, it uses only iso-8859-13. And the system that I need to import to, does not have iso-8859-13, but have both utf8 and utf-16. If i try to open csv file with other encoding than iso-8859-13, then some symbols are not recognized. And if I try to import such file into new system, it gives error that I have wrong encoding. I can only import it using windows-1252, but then it will import with unrecognized symbols. What can I do to convert it to normal encoding such as utf-8?

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I was able to convert simply using text editor. I opened csv file with iso-8859-13 encoding. Then created empty csv file with utf-8. Then simply copied everything from one csv to another. Then I could import it into new system.

Previously I tried to do this with libreoffice, but for some reason it would save with iso-8859-13 encoding.

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For those who don't know how to convert the file's encoding using Notepad++ : Create a new file in Notepad++ -> Go to Encoding -> Encode in UTF-8 -> Copy-paste the contents -> save the file as .csv

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Open the file in Notepad++ and click Encoding->Convert to UTF-8.

(Do not click Encode in UTF-8 because it won't actually convert the characters.)

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