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In Magento Table rates Shipping method when I set condition say Weight vs. Destination and I fill up the tablerates.csv file I found a column Weight (and above). That means you have to manually enter values for each step like 1kg and above, 2 kg and above...

My Question is:

If I don't want to set maximum weight and a fixed amount will be charged for every additional 1kg after the 1st 1kg, Then how do I set up?

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You should use Owebia Shipping instead of Magento Tablerate.

  • In System=>Configuration, find the Sales=>Shipping Method tab.
  • Next open Owebia shipping options (1, 2 or 3), enable it and give it a name.

In "Configuration", you can setup something like :

    code: "yourcode",
    label: "Your Label"
    fees: "5+{cart.weight}*1.5"

With this rule :

  • 5 is fixed amout;
  • 1.5 is the cart weight's multiplier.

For instance with a 3kg cart, a value of 9.5 will be applied for shipping fees (5 + 3 x 1.5).

Hope it helps.

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