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I am trying to post a link to our website in facebook and defined the relevant OG metadata in the header file on the site. However, when posting a link to my website to facebook, the OG tags do not apply (content, image etc...) and no thumbnail is shown. When posting to Google+ - it does show content and image, but not what i have defined in the OG metadata

our website is - what am i missing?

I tried user the debugger here: and still could not figure out what the issue is.

Any ideas?

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When I post link to your site I get

enter image description here

which is exactly what debugger shows

enter image description here

which is relevant to markup on your site. Am I missing smth?

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I've noticed that it may take a little bit of time for Google+ and Facebook to recognise the tags. It took about half an hour after I put the modified pages with the og:meta tags onto the web server for google+ to see them.

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