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I need to draw a line chart using PHP which fullfills the following requirements:

  • Textual X-Axis descriptors
  • Not every serie has values for all X-Axis values
  • Markers on the given points

I have already detailed watched pChart, JpGraph and LibChart, but I didn't manage to get the expected result. It should look like this (poorly drawn with MsPaint):

The requirements for my Chart

EDIT: The exact problems:

  • With Libchart, I didn't manage to get different series with not all x axis values filled
  • With pChart, there was the same problem (e.g. at the above example, pChart would not make a line at the blue series from desc 3 to desc 6, when values 4 and 5 have the value VOID). I could also calculate the values between, but then they would also have markers (e.g. at desc 4 and desc 5)
  • With JpGraph, I didn't manage to create textual x axis values

Thank you for your help, Community!

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What was the actual problem using any of the libraries you mentioned, they should all be capable of doing this, as should others like Graphpite –  Mark Baker Sep 9 '13 at 8:52
@MarkBaker I've edited my question. Maybe some minor things, but I didn't manage to find some exact answers to my problems... –  Florian Müller Sep 9 '13 at 9:47

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Found a solution using pChart:

I can use VOID for points which do not have an own value, and set a config setting like the following one:


Using this settings, VOID will draw correct lines to the next known value.

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