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I want to upload files. If I use plain html uploder (below) everything works fine. The content of the file gets validated and I can display the result of the validation. So I can provide a feedback to the user (which can be either success, or the list of validation errors.)

<input name="uploadedfile" id="uploadedfile" value="uploadedfile" type="file" label="Select File" />

However if I want to improve the layout by using dojo somehow the response gets lost, and I can not provide any feedback. Why does dojo 'swallow' the response?

The only difference is this:

data-dojo-type="dojox.form.Uploader" data-dojo-props="showInput:'after'"

That improves the layout but kills the functionality. Why?

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Try changing your code to:

<input data-dojo-type="dojox.form.Uploader" data-dojo-props="showInput: after"/>

I've removed the '' inside dojo-props as I believe this is where the issue is...

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no, not really. Although the functionality is back, the layout (buttons) no longer resembles to Dojo-layaout. So basically without the single quotes it is like without Dojo. –  Regenbogenfisch Sep 16 '13 at 7:37

Have you tried using the inputs onComplete event? More info here and here.

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