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I need to get a 1-bit bitmap out of an HTML5 Canvas.

The canvas is black-and-white. However, I can only use toUrlData() with png/jpeg outputs, but can't find any way to generate a bitmap (and change the color depth to 1-bit).

Are there any available solutions for this type of conversion? Or maybe a javascript library that can write a bitmap image?

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Converting to 1-bit

There is no built-in mechanism for Canvas that allow you to save 1-bit images. Canvas is 32-bit (24 bit color, 8 bit alpha) and this would require the standard to use a common algorithm to degrade the image (which I believe is also why you can't save GIF files from it but only formats that support 24-bits or more).

For that you need to go low-level and build up the file format your self with Typed Arrays.

If 1-bit file format is not an absolute requirement, ie. you want the image to appear as if it is 1-bit you can simply convert the content yourself.

You can use this method to convert an image to "1-bit" by converting RGB to lum values and use a threshold:


To 1-bit

var threshold = 127;  /// middle value of byte

for(; i < len; i += 4) {

    /// convert to lum value
    lum = buffer[i] * 0.3 + buffer[i+1] * 0.59 + buffer[i+2] * 0.11;

    /// check threshold
    bit = lum < threshold ? 0 : -1;

    /// store value
    buffer[i] = lum;
    buffer[i+1] = lum;
    buffer[i+2] = lum;

To save it as a BMP file (24-bits though):

var bmp = canvas.toDataURL('image/bmp');

You can use this method also with a low-level approach by using the result from this to pack the bits (every 8 "bits" needs to be packed into a single byte, little-endian for BMP format).

Optionally look into the TrueVision TGA file format which is simpler, or the TIFF file format which also allow you to use big-endian bytes (most TIFF formats can be read by browsers btw.).

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You could use a library like FileSaver.js. And write out the bitmap file manually by following the BMP File Format specification.

You'd do something like this with the resulting data:

function saveData() {
    var arrayBuffer = new ArrayBuffer(data.length);
    var dataView = new DataView(arrayBuffer);
    for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i ++) {
        dataView.setUint8(i, data.charCodeAt(i));
    var blob = new Blob([dataView], {type: "application/octet-stream"});
    saveAs(blob, "test.bmp");

You'd probably need to look up some info on ArrayBuffer and DataView if you were to do it this way.

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