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I want to create a WHMCS custom module and need assistance with template_AdminServicesTabFieldsSave($params) as specified in the sample code for http://docs.whmcs.com/Creating_Modules.

In my template_AdminServicesTabFields($params) I have the following code:

function template_AdminServicesTabFields($params) {
    $fieldsarray = array(           
            'Debug Mode' => '<input type="checkbox" name="modulefields[0]">',           
    return $fieldsarray;

I want to use the template_AdminServicesTabFieldsSave($params) function to save the status of 'Debug Mode' to a database.

In light of the above function the database save code will look something like:

function template_AdminServicesTabFieldsSave($params) {

My problem is I don't know what the schema for mod_customtable should look like nor how to create a MySQL database field that can store the $_POST value.

In order to create the database I follow this documentation: http://docs.whmcs.com/Addon_Module_Developer_Docs (I changed mod_addonexample to mod_customtable)

function demo_activate() {

    # Create Custom DB Table
    $query = "CREATE TABLE `mod_customtable` (`id` INT( 1 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ... ";
    $result = mysql_query($query);



So the specific area of MySQL and WHMCS that I need help with is:


What kind of field should I create to store


I need to store:

  1. Value for Debug Mode
  2. The array / params for service ID
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