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I'm trying to make a custom message box for my application. The problem is, I want to code it in a way so that I can use it as regular message box.

MyCustomBox("My Message");

intead of doing

FormMessage frm = new FormMessage();
frm.message = "My Message";

How can I accomplish this? Thanks!

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You can add a static method to FormMessage class

public static void ShowBox(string message)
    using (FormMessage frm = new FormMessage())
        frm.Message = message;

And then

FormMessage.ShowBox("My Message");
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Create the form with the appropriate controls, etc. Then add a static method to the class that handles all the messy bits - creating an instance (if necessary), setting properties, etc.

I wish I could write more on this, but it's pretty simple stuff. Just call MyCustomBox.ShowMessage() or whatever you call the static method.

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