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How can I write this query in Ruby on Rails? Query inside a select

       (SELECT name 
        FROM   companies 
        WHERE  id = referred_to_id) AS name 
FROM   referrals 
WHERE  company_id = 21 
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please read the newbie manual for info on how to write better questions. For instance, you should explain what models you have and what you have already tried. –  screenmutt Sep 9 '13 at 11:55
You can rewrite that query with a join instead of a subselect. –  FlorinelChis Sep 9 '13 at 12:59

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@referrals = Referral.select('id, company_id, (SELECT name FROM companies WHERE  id = referred_to_id) AS name').where(company_id: 21)
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Thanks man, it worked. –  Kashif Sep 9 '13 at 13:15

In Rails you don't really need to worry about writing SQL like this. ActiveRecord handles the creation of all your simple SQL commands.

The code below will give you the company name so long as you have set up your relationships correctly in the models.

@referral = Referral.find(21)

See this tutorial on Active Record Associations

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@referral = Referral.joins(:company).select([:id,:company_id]).where(id: 21).first

Then use

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Using activerecord you can achieve that by:

referral = Referral.find(21)

But if you really want face those attributes only you can use:

record = Referral.where("referrals.company_id = 21").joins("left join companies on referrals.referred_to_id = companies.id").select("referrals.id , referrals.company_id, companies.name as name").first

Now you can access that special object's attributes as:

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