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I need to find if a string containes a comma or a dot.
When I use the following code it is working only if I have a dot but the comma is not working. Why ?

value is type string.

For example :

If I have number like 200 and I wish to add to it .0 this is fine, but if I my number is like 200,53 it also adds .0 to it : 200,53.0

if (!value.contains(".") || !value.contains(",")) {
           value = value + ".0";
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Shouldn't it be && ? Because, as I understand, you want to append .0 if the number doesn't contain BOTH . AND ,

if (!value.contains(".") && !value.contains(",")) {
           value = value + ".0";
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AND(&&) and OR(||) are Short circut operators as per example given by sajan chandran.

this link may help you.

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Its because you are using an || condition, and due to Short Circuit of OR (||) if the first expression returns true the second condition will not get executed at all and that's the reason you are seeing 200,53.0

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