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I am implementing Facebook Login (for the web) for the first time and I had some questions regarding the users session and and the best practices for handling logout. Right now, I am using a combination of the JS SDK (only for login flow if js is enabled) and PHP SDK.

Question 1: Should I save the Facebook access token in a PHP session or use the built in "cookies: true" feature in the SDK.

Question 2: If a user that signed up via Facebook returns to the site after a few days, should they be auto logged in, or have to click a login via Facebook button, then just be logged in?

Question 3: If a FB logged in user logs out of my site, should I log them out of Facebook or just my site?

Question 4: If a FB logged in user logs out of Facebook while also on my site (different tab) should I automatically log them out of my site?

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As for question #3: Per Platform Policies you are required to offer the user a logout button/link that logs them out of at the same time. As for the rest – start here: – CBroe Sep 9 '13 at 16:04

1) You can save the access token in a database (but be wary of the expiry date) or save it in a session. Cookies would be the easiest way to manage this and takes care of (2).

2) Depending on how your handle the sessions and the SDK you use, the use would automatically be logged in (e.g. JavaScript method FB.getLoginStatus() to detect if the app has already been authed). You should have a "Login with Facebook" button on your app in any case, for new users.

3) If you use the logout methods in the SDK (e.g. FB.logout() in JavaScript SDK), the user will be logged out of both your site and Facebook. This really depends on how you want to handle this. You can log them out if your site by deleting the session / cookie.

4) You should alway check to see if the user is logged in whenever an action is taken on your site. If the user logs out of Facebook while on your site, eventually, your site should pick it up (using FB.getLoginStatus()) and ask them to login again.

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