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I've installed subl handler, and I'm trying to test it with the recommended:

open 'subl://open/?url=file:///etc/hosts'

Running this in terminal opens the SublHandler.app itself, but then does nothing - it doesn't open sublime text, let alone the file specified.

In SublHandler prefs, I have the "path to subl" set to /usr/local/bin/subl. If I run /usr/local/bin/subl in my terminal, it opens sublime text.

Any ideas as to why SublHandler isn't working?

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Looks like the latest binary from asuth is not working correctly on Maverics. Try my fork here https://github.com/grych/subl-handler - it is working on 10.9.1.

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Hmm. Works great in Safari but it doesn't seem to open in chrome for me. –  Hiroshi May 5 at 17:37

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