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I am attempting to setup a polymorphic relationship with Laravel. I have read through the documentation and looked through related code but cannot seem to get all of it working. I am trying to attach photos to rooms where a room can have many photos. The type associated with the relationship works but the id is always 0.

Why would part of it work, and can someone please point out what any issues in my relationship?

I believe the problem is related to how I am creating the data in the table:

$photo = new Photo;
$photo->URL = 'thePhotoURL.extension';

$room = new Room;
$room->name = 'Some Room Name';
// seems weird to me that I "save" the photo twice
// or am I just saving the relationship here?
// have tried the other relationship options too (associate, attach, synch)
// have also tried:
// $room->photos()->save(new Photo(array('URL' => 'urlTest.com')));
// get error "URL"


Creating Photos table:

public function up() {
    Schema::create('photos', function($t) {


        // ... ...
        // the Id is always 0 but the type is correct



And my classes,


class Photo extends Eloquent {
    public function imageable() {
        return $this->morphTo();


class Room extends Eloquent {       
    public function photos() {
        return $this->morphMany('Photo', 'imageable');

I have seen an issue with reserved words (like Event) but that does not seem to be the issue here.

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You need to run $room->photos()->save($photo); after you save the original. The original doesn't exist yet, so there is no ID to associate.

Maybe it should throw an exception, maybe not. Personally, I would rather it scream at me.

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...and there you have it. Thank you. I can see why they don't, but I would like them to throw an exception. If you are assigning the id a value of 0, there is obviously something wrong! Thanks again! –  Firo Sep 9 '13 at 14:54
My pleasure, hope you are enjoying Laravel! –  wesside Sep 9 '13 at 15:23
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Use this:

$photo = $room->photos()->create(array('URL' => 'thePhotoURL.extension'));

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