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im very noob and this became ungoogleable (is that a word?)

the rank is by time but..

time done with ( A=0 ) AND ( B=0 ) beat everyone
time done with ( A=0 ) AND ( B=1 ) beat everyone with ( A=1 )
time done with ( A=1 ) AND ( B=0 ) beat everyone with ( A=1 + B=1 )

rank example (track=desert)


to make it even worst, the table accept multiple records for the same car

here is the entries

create table `rank`
`id` int not null auto_increment,
`track` varchar(25) not null,
`car` varchar(32) not null,
`time` int not null,
`a` boolean not null,
`b` boolean not null,
primary key (`id`)
insert into rank (track,car,time,a,b) values

please, help? :p

ps: sorry about the example table

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To prioritize a, then b, then time, use order by b, a, time.

You can use a not exists subquery to select only the best row per car.

Finally, you can add a Pos column using MySQL's variables, like @rn := @rn + 1.

Example query:

select  @rn := @rn + 1 as pos
,       r.*
from    rank r
join    (select @rn := 0) init
where   not exists
        select  *
        from    rank r2
        where =
                and (
                    r2.a < r.a
                    or (r2.a = r.a and r2.b < r.b)
                    or (r2.a = r.a and r2.b = r.b and r2.time < r.time)
order by
,       a
,       time

See it working at SQL Fiddle.

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thanks but.. both codes didnt work.. and they are not grouping the car.. – user2761702 Sep 9 '13 at 14:52
What does that mean? You'd like only the top entry per car? – Andomar Sep 9 '13 at 15:11
yes. im trying to use it with multiples 'case when' on order by.. but its really hard. i can never make it work.. the rank must have the best record for each car.. and the best record is filtered by the A and B – user2761702 Sep 9 '13 at 15:16
You can use a not exists subquery to filter the best row per car, updated in answer. – Andomar Sep 9 '13 at 16:27

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