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EDIT: Solved, but would appreciate some clarification.

I've got a c++ program I'm working on, and need to display a message box over top of a d3dwindow(with it's own swap chain), which is a child of the main window. The message box is made, but does not display above the main or child windows.

SOLUTION: My problem stemmed from not using begin/endpaint() in the WM_PAINT handler(where my swapchain was rendering). I was under the false assumption that these functions were for getting a DC to use with GDI. Wrapping my Directx code with begin/endpaint has solved the problem but if anyone could explain what exactly was happening it would be much appreciated.

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How should we answer if it has something to do with your window styles as long as you provide zero code? –  Martin Schlott Sep 9 '13 at 14:46
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