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So as I see, the text elements of a Smartform are (at least very similar in nature to) SAPScript texts. enter image description here

I can even include Sapscript commands in the Smartform text, and they show as if they did something. enter image description here

When I test my form however, it seems that the commands are ignored. enter image description here

So my question is: is there a reason why these texts commands are not interpreted? Can they be interpreted inside a Smartform, or is this just a side effect of the fact that the same editor is used to open these texts?

Background: I'm asking this because i have to check for hardcoded logic inside Smartforms, and I'm curious if commands in the text could ever be regarded as "logic", or whether they would always get ignored.

Also, I am aware that the "Conditions" tab of basically every element is used for introducing logic, such that the element is only executed if the conditions are true.

I am also aware of the fact that there is an element called "Condition", and I'm aware of what that does.

I just whant to know if this particular way of writing logic in SAPScripts is ever executed in Smartforms.

[EDIT] Editionally, I'd like to know if the PERFORM command in Sapscript texts is ever executable from a smartform.

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No, they are not processed. You can enter them because the same text editor is used, but they will be ignored. PERFORM is not supported either.

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you wouldn't happen to have a link to some documentation, would you? - thx :) – vlad-ardelean Sep 11 '13 at 13:10
@vlad-ardelean: http://l m g t f y .com/? :-p – vwegert Sep 11 '13 at 14:24

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