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Total ruby on rails newbie here.

I'm trying to populate a database within a ruby on rails framework. This is what my seeds.rb file looks like:

f ="db/courses.xml")
doc = Nokigiri::XML(f)

doc.css("course").each do |node|
    children = node.children

Course.create(:name => children.css("name"),
    :description => children.css("description"))

I haven't been able to test this code, because the rake db:seed command keeps saying "No such file or directoy --- courses.xml". Note that I've both tried "courses.xml" and "db/courses.xml" as paths.

The file courses.xml is in the same folder as the seeds.rb file.

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Try specifying the path from the root of the application. Like this:

f =, 'db', 'courses.xml'))
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This works like a charm, and should be accepted! – duhaime Jan 28 at 4:23

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