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I'm having trouble getting ExecuteStoreQuery to work correctly with my custom class which has a DateTime member. It gets the default DateTime value (1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM) instead of what is in the database.

List<MyInfo> results = context.ExecuteStoreQuery<MyInfo>(SELECT [StartTime] FROM [dbo].[Records] WHERE [Type] = 1).ToList();

MyInfo class definition:

public class MyInfo
    private DateTime startTime;
    public DateTime StartTime
        get { return startTime; }
        set { startTime = value; }

However if I query using DateTime instead of MyInfo, the correct date is returned.

List<DateTime> results = context.ExecuteStoreQuery<DateTime>(SELECT [StartTime] FROM [dbo].[Records] WHERE [Type] = 1).ToList();
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Although i am confused with your question, but instead of confusion i am trying to help based on best of my understanding. ;-)

Quick and easy way:

  1. If you have trouble returning date time only, then you can use

    var ls = context.ExecuteStoreQuery<MyInfo>("Select StartTime from YourTable");
    List<DateTime> dt= new List<DateTime>();
    foreach(MyInfo i in ls)
  2. If you want to return list of your custom class then, it will be simply

    var list = Context.ExecuteStoreQuery<MyInfo>(Your_Sql_Query_Here).ToList();
  3. If only one class is required, I hope SIngleOrDefault() will work.

    var cls = Context.ExecuteStoreQuery<MyInfo>Your_Sql_Query_Here).SingleOrDefault();
  4. If you need only single value then

    var scalar = Context.ExecuteStoreQuery<Object>(Your_Sql_Query_Here).FirstOrDefault();
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See updated answer. Neglect the earlier one. –  Amit Ranjan Sep 9 '13 at 20:00

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