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I have a program that uses libcurl to retrieve mail from multiple POP3 servers, using URLs of the form pop3://username:password@server:port. It had no problem fetching mail from most of the servers, but one of them kept giving CURLE_LOGIN_DENIED errors.

The cURL changelog for version 7.31.0 mentions a new ;auth= parameter supported by URL and CURLOPT_USERPWD. I haven't been able to find decent documentation of this option on the cURL site, but based on the code (in pop3.c), the supported options are:

  • * (any)
  • +APOP
  • CRAM-MD5
  • NTLM

After some experimentation, I found that adding the ;auth=LOGIN parameter to the URL allowed mail to be downloaded from that server.

Is there any method other than trial-and-error to determine which auth option to use?

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The commit that introduced this changes might help. It makes reference to the RFC 2384 a.k.a POP URL Scheme. –  deltheil Sep 10 '13 at 7:32

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