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I think i've deleted a whole folder by accident in sublime text 2. Is it possible to recover this deleted folder? I've checked my trash and nothing.

Using windows 7.

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Unless you've been making regular backups (you do, don't you?), you're out of luck. Depending on exactly what you did to delete the directory (I'm assuming through the side bar somehow), Python's shutil.rmtree() function is called, which bypasses the Windows Recycle Bin. If you immediately halt your computer and run a forensic recovery tool on it you might be able to recover some of the lost data if it hasn't been written over, but the sooner you act the better. Good luck! –  MattDMo Sep 9 '13 at 22:10

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Its gone buddy ! I did something similar and couldn't retrieve a file. Anyway, not sure if it is going to help you but I wrote a simple SLT-plugin to back up modified files (locally and remote).

Local backup plugin:

class RemoteEdit(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def on_post_save(self, view):
    os.system('cp -r %s %s' % (view.file_name(), <backup_path>)) #use scp for remote backup
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