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I have read some articles about this matter... and it seems that the Repeater is the one with best performance as explained in this other question.

I know that the GridView is the heaviest of them all, and that it weights a lot in the ViewState. So the DataList has been the "best" option for some situations.

But how about Datalist performance vs ListView?

Also, the GridView has a Pager already built in... and it seems that the ListView has one to. But if it create a pager for the DataList... will it become heavier than the GridView? And how about DataList + Paging vs ListView with Paging?

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performance reperter > datalist > gridview

simple control High-performance

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Thx for the comment. But how about the ListView? Where does it fit in therms of performance? Before the datalist? before the gridView? – Marco Dec 10 '09 at 12:55

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