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We have a Nexus repository on my local network that is managed by a different team and I use it as a local mirror of Maven-central . My Gradle 1.7 build script is trying to download a set of "Selenium 2.35.0" artifacts from the Nexus server (which is setup as a mirror in my .m2/settings.xml file) but it times out and fails. There are 2.33.0 artifacts on the server though.

Is there a command I can issue from the command line to trigger the Nexus server to cache the latest version of Selenium? OR , is this something the Nexus admin has to do?

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Gradle doesn't work with .m2/settings.xml. You need to define your Nexus in gradle script itself (using repositories{} closure).

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Your right. Gradle is actually bypassing the .m2 Maven settings.xml file is is downloading directly from Maven central. So, it appears I just have a general download problem of some kind. Might be network related. In any case, I am still curious how nexus gets triggered to cache updated resources. – djangofan Sep 9 '13 at 20:13
Gradle has its own cache (located in .gradle dir). You need to configure Gradle to download from your Nexus repositories (using repositories{} closure) – JBaruch Sep 9 '13 at 20:46

Nexus is a caching proxy. It won't download the newer version unless someone asks for the newer version.

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